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Dress Making (CTS and CITS)

DM Trade





CTS - Dress Making

Dress Making CTS is the craft of sewing beautiful dresses from fabric. Dress making is costume clothing Vocational Trade. The duration of trade is one year. Students are imparted knowledge on different topics such as boutique/ domestic brands, designer to boutiques, stylist in boutique, consultant to a boutique, spoke designer, design assistant in export units, design services in e- tailoring and production merchandiser, etc. 

Faculty : Smt. Smita Gharat, Vocational Instructor - DM   

Trainees: Sanctioned: 20    On roll: 09    Batches: 01

CITS —Craft Instructor Training Scheme in Dress Making
Course is based on manipulations in dress making and training is given in CAD.

After the completion of the course the trainees can work as Instructors/Trainers in ITI or in vocational training institutes, can work as Assistant Quality controller, supervisors  in apparel Industry and can become entrepreneur. 

Faculty : Smt. Varsha V Paste, Training Officer - ADM
                Smt. Jyoti Bala Rathore, Training Officer - ADM

Trainees: Sanctioned: 50    On roll: 32    Batches: 02

Computer Operator & Programming Assistant (CTS)

COPA Trade




COPA – 48 Seats

Labs are equipped with 30+ computer's and latest teaching aids like projector, boards, charts.In COPA trade students get 100% apprenticeship in government and private IT companies. Every year students attain additional knowledge and certificate like data science, Adobe Spark, Microsoft Certification etc. Every trainee executes a Project individually in Website designing, Visual basic application and in Tally application.

Operates computer and peripheral equipment to process business, scientific, engineering, or other data, according to operating instructions. Loads peripheral equipment with selected materials, such as tapes and printer paper for operating runs, or oversees loading of peripheral equipment by Peripheral Equipment Operators. Programming Assistant; installs, maintains and updates computer programs by making minor changes and adjustments to them under the guidance of computing professionals. Maintains and updates documents of computer programs and installations. 

Faculty : Smt. Jyoti Bhandari, Vocational Instructor - COPA
                Ms. Nutan Denge, Vocational Instructor - DTP

Trainees: Sanctioned: 48    On roll: 38    Batches: 02


Electronic Mechanic (CTS)

EL Trade







The candidates who aspire to become Technician to service different Electronics based System/Equipment. Employment Opportunities: On successful completion of this course, they can pursue Apprenticeship training in the reputed Industries / Organizations. Or They can have lateral entry to Diploma course. Or
The candidates shall be employed in- Various Government, public sector electronics Equipment Manufacturing Industries Like BSNL, MTNL, Railways, ISRO,DRDO, BHEL, BEML, NTPC, Naval dockyard, RCF, etc., Private electronics Equipment Manufacturing Industries like LG, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, solar power in India & abroad, Automobile electronics and Petrochemical industries like BPCL, ONGC, IOCL, HPCL etc., Self-employment.

Faculty : Smt. Ruchi Rai, Vocational Instructor - EM               

Trainees: Sanctioned: 20   On roll: 1st year 00, 2nd year 08   Batches: 01


Cosmetology (CTS)

BC Trade




Basic cosmetology is a full time certificate course offered by NSTI (W), Dadar after 10th pass which will enable you to work in beauty parlour/salon as well  as own Beauty Parlour at  fraction of the cost.
We have Labs well equipped with modern parlour mirror,  Refrigerator, Facial beds, facial chairs, Stool, facial trolley etc.
Practically we provide hands on knowledge with beauty products and accessories.

All latest technique’s for beautification and  grooming are been taught here. 

Faculty : Ms. Preeti, Vocational Instructor - BC                

Trainees: Sanctioned: 24    On roll: 23    Batches: 01











Architectural Draughtsmanship - CTS

This course contains all the basic knowledge of construction starting from material required, quantity & quality of material, measure of material, Electrical fittings, shapes/sizes of constructions as well as history of construction. The practical includes the preparation of Plan and Elevation of various constructions.

Faculty : Smt. Archana Kumari, Vocational Instructor - Arch               

2020-21 - Trainees: Sanctioned: 24    On roll: 1st year 12, 2nd year 00     Batches: 01

Architectural Assistantship - CITS

This includes study of different types of buildings - residential, commercial & public buildings, preparation of samples, models etc. It also includes contemporary Architecture & knowledge of interiors.

Faculty : Smt. Archana Kumari, Vocational Instructor - Arch              

Trainees: Sanctioned: 25    On roll: 07   Batches: 01


New Age Courses :

IOT Technician (Smart City) - CTS

IOT Trade










This is new age course started from August 2019 at NSTIW, Dadar, Mumbai. Well-equipped labs with latest equipment’s such as weather monitoring system, IOT builder Trainer Kit, Solar panel, Sensor Lab trainer kit, Electronic workbench etc. We have latest teaching aids like LCD projector, Boards, charts and other written instructional material (Nimi Books). 
The IoT technician (Smart City) tests electronic components and circuits to locate defects; replaces defective components and performs basic/SMD soldering/de-soldering. The person constructs & tests electronic power supply circuit for proper functioning; applies the principle of sensors & transducers for various IoT applications. The individual identifies different Internet of Things applications in smart city & their distinctive advantages like smart environment, smart street light and smart water & waste management. He/she identifies and tests various parts of embedded system, sensors and actuators as per requirement for Smart City.

Faculty : Smt. Ruchi Rai, Vocational Instructor - EM            

Trainees: Sanctioned: 24    On roll: 00    Batches: 01


Smartphone Technician Cum App Tester (CTS)

Diagnoses problems and repairs the faulty module of the Smartphone, performs front end or hardware level testing & replacement as required, resolves software issues and ensures effective functioning before delivering back to customer. The individual at work is responsible for mobile app testing to verify functionality of mobile applications on Android/ iOS platforms, performs mobile app Security to find and fix mobile app security flaws and ensures prevention of malware and Troubleshoot Mobile Applications Performance. 
After completion of the course, can perform as Mobile Application Tester, Mobile Software Platform Architect/ Mobile Architect, Mobile Phone System Engineer, Tab Repairing Technician.

Faculty : Smt. Ruchi Rai, Vocational Instructor - EM       

Trainees: Sanctioned: 24    On roll:02    Batches: 01


Training Methodology

Training Methodology course caters to the need of those who want to become vocational Instructors in various Skill Training.  Here Trainees are given ample practice of teaching along with preparation of various training aids viz. PPT, Charts, Felt cut outs, samples, folders etc. Theoretically it covers the psychology of learning, Instructional Technology, Syllabus Analysis, Teaching strategies, Test & testing, Management of Instructional Functions, Counselling and Mentoring, Entrepreneurship Development, Interpretation of NSQF and QP etc.

Training Methodology


Multimedia Animation and Special Effects (CTS and CITS)



Trainees will work with MS Office package for Computer knowledge of computer. Trainees will work with Photography like Adobe Photoshop to edit image, retouch and fixing image using color, filter and for digital painting. They also learn and experience with application software with Adobe Photoshop illustrator for advance editing and graphic design. The trainees also learn Videography to practice the craft of film making, video streaming with advance features of camera. At the mid of the year the trainees can go on industrial visit or projects specified in the syllabus. The trainee learns to browse internet, upload/download video streaming and secure data from different cyber attack. They will work with Adobe Premier for video editing, mixing audio, text, image and video. Trainees will work with Adobe after effect to add special effect and compositing on video. They will work with Flash to create 2D animation, graphic illustration and compositing sound animation. The trainees will learn and experience in 3Ds Max to create 3D architectural Design, 3D modeling and texturing. Finally, the trainees will work with Maya to create 3D animation, 3D modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Lighting, Rendering artist. At the end of the year trainees can go on industrial visit or projects specified in the syllabus. 

Faculty : Smt. Ms. Nutan Denge, Vocational Instructor - DTP
                Smt. Jyoti Bhandari, Vocational Instructor - COPA   

Trainees: Sanctioned: 24    On roll:06    Batches: 01


Advanced Diploma Course on IT, Networking & Cloud Computing

IT, Networking and Cloud is very much essential in the current scenario due to lot of demand in software industries where every industry is using cloud as base. A candidate who has completed this course- can start their own enterprise on cloud maintenance, computer hardware maintenance,  website development, can apply for jobs in industry as system technician, cloud developer, web designer etc. and can choose higher studies.



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